• I am a father of a set of beautiful twin girls, husband of a beautiful queen, and a decently established filmmaker in the Tampa, FL. I’ve been in the industry for about 5 years. But filmmaking for 12 years. I’ve worked on a bunch of notable movies, tv shows, and commercials. And I must say, I absolutely love what I do!!! I work as a digital imaging technician (google it) on set, and an editor off set. I’m an aspiring Director “like everyone else”. But I have a bad habit of putting my hard earned money where my mouth is. And blowing money on these really expensive canvases. I’ve experienced all the hard times that all artists go thru, homelessness, no money, hard critics, moving to an area with no family, friends, or financial support. But over the years I’ve chosen to persevere. I do this for me, but even more importantly, I do it for my daughters. I love the idea of showing them that hard work towards your dream does pay off. Thank you guys for being here, and I hope you enjoy
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